Laurent T

L'ULM est un sport qui requiert de l'humilité face aux conditions climatiques, de l’expérience pour pouvoir piloter et de la passion pour la transmettre. Ingénieur, concepteur et pilote test d'ULM ...
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This microlight open flight is an outing above the Auxois. You will be able to see some of the most famous châteaux: the Château de Francheville, the château de Commarin or the château de Châteauneuf. Sat in a comfortable seat, you will fly in open air with me, a professional pilot, during a flight to discover the skies in a pendular microlight for 45 minutes. We have two machines. If there are two of you, you can fly next to each other, or each take your turn.

During this flight with the air of a journey through history, you will discover the cultural and natural treasures of our heritage. Furthermore, during the flight I will provide some commentary to enable you to really appreciate this magical moment above the clouds… Treat yourself and your flight will be full of great memories!


Practical information

  • Les animaux sont-ils les bienvenus ? : oui
  • L'expérience se déroule en : intérieur


Dijon, France
Durée : 2h00 - de 1 à 10 personnes