Happy Bourgogne presents authentic and unique tourist experiences in Burgundy, embodied by enthusiasts, be they professionals or amateurs, via a new generation and collaborative online shopping platform: happybourgogne.com

Discovering the true richness of our region and the people who live there is now within your grasp with a selection of local and authentic tourism experiences. Happy Bourgogne offers you a unique gateway to our region with offers all allowing you to meet a local, passionate, amateur or professional host who will help you to discover and share “their” Burgundy.

Historians, winemakers, cooks, oenologists, tour guides, photographers, falcon trainers, saffron growers, market gardeners, country guides, canoe instructors or llama or snail breeders or even yoga teachers … They are all Burgundians and all provide an opportunity to explore.

Our selection is much more than a group of experiences. It is a purpose in itself, soon to become a reflex during the weekends. It brings together a community of travelers who, like you and like us, are looking for authentic, ethical and embodied experiences. Different.

©Johann Michalczak

Driven by a commercial company recognized as the “Company of the Social and Solidarity Economy“, waiting for ESUS accreditation (solidarity company with social value), SAS Happy Bourgogne is based on an innovative business model with a fair distribution of profits and higher remuneration for the guides compared to the sector average.

A community-based project undertaken by Burgundians and without job relocation, providing economic benefits for the area, like a start-up with social value in the context of a “net solidarity economy” creating wealth and promoting values.